Monday, February 15, 2010

Guess who's back!

Pretty boring blogging to no one so I thought Id give it a try again publicly. So i moved out of my apt from before. i had a huge fight with michelle and i was basically yelling at her. I was skeptical about moving cause i thought id get much worse roommates and i was worried but my new roommates are absolutely incredible! I love my new place. its so fresh and clean and happy. Oh so Chris was suppose to leave today for belgium but he ended up staying here and extra week because he is sick...from me :\ but i am happy he is here and he is too. we went bowlig last night and I got 4 strikes in a row AND a total score of 174 which is the best ive ever bowled ( not including wii bowling) yea so life is really great right now. am a little stressed over school work but everything else is so amazing. I am so excited to graduate. So lately I have been hanging out with Chris and judy and cliff and sometimes diana. it feels good to be with good people. Sammy said she wanted to talk about our situation and never called and im okay with that. like it makes me laugh to see her because she just flaked on our talk lol. I dont know what goes through peoples heads but its entertaining to think about. Oh and Greg and Brandy broke up. EVERYTIME I see brandy, she laughs at me. I have no clue what that is about lol but that makes me smile as well. what could she possibly be laughing at?? i dunno haha. It sucks that Greg and I dont really talk anymore. I feel like he is kind of like everyone else now. Cant talk to Christina because i dont know what everyone else will think. lol I always thought him and I would always be friends but he doesnt reallyact like it and I think thats what upsets me the most. I dunno. I guess ill ttyl byee