Monday, March 8, 2010

Ya know, a part of me is still so pissed off that just because I am not dating greg, I have no friends. I should be happy that I got rid of a lot of fake people from my life, but at this point, I think Id rather have people pretend to be my friend than to not have any. I use to get so exccited for block party and gala, but now i have no dance buddies. no dress shopping buddies, no buddies at all. I hsould be happy and i am in some aspects of my life, but I need some girl friends. I miss shopping with them and random dancing. I went to sephora last week with Chris and he was ok being there but its just not the same. i could tell he wanted to leave. I feel like i am wasting my last semester of college doing nothing. I think the reason i want to leave so bad is because i think things will get better once i dont see these people anymore...but really, i dont see them these days and im still sad. I think i need a change of pace. I want to go on a trip. i want to do something with my life and not just mope around all day and wish i did more eexciting things. Its hard with no money though. ya know, and i get even more annoyed because people like Anne have so many friends and thats bullshit What she said to me is not what a good person says. So why do people like that more? Its cause shes a partier. So tight. ugh so over these typical people. Go get drunk at a beer pong tourney,..gags, im embarassed i ever hung out with people like that. I want to do something. and it needs to be done quick. This leaving, i dont know where, but im going, Chris will be gone so Ill have to do this alone, i dont know where, but im going to drive with no destination....

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