Sunday, April 11, 2010

Things were definitely meant to be like this.

The other day I hung out with Greg. We played tennis. The last time we saw eachother before that was i think in November and that was when he accidently sat next to me in the library. We havent hung out hung out probably since halloween I think. Kind of weird but anyways. we went to play tennis. it was i was comfortable and i had fun but we are just so different. I cant imagine being with him like i use to be. he kept saying things that were still hurtful. Saying I was clingy (also saying thats not always a bad thing) but i just think its weird how he had thought that all along yet never said it to me until our relationship went completely downhill. The most hurtful thing he said was wehen I asked him if he was relieved when I broke up with him that day....he said "im not even gonna say anything" its like that day i thought would have killed him but on the inside he was really thinking "Thank God" eck. i hate that. But then it made me realize even more so what I have with Chris now. This uy who is just my ultimate dream. I have never been told so many times that I am pretty without having to ask first. I never have to beg for him to hold me or to look at me or to go out with me. We have fun. The other day we were having lunch with my cousin maria and we were telling her about how we flew a kite the other day and how we wanted to go on a bike ride and she was like "you guys are just so awesome, you guys are always doing stuff teogether and it never has to do with getting drunk like all of your old friends." I was so happy because its true. Chris and I have the best time together even if it is just flying a kite in the park. I love that he loves stuff like that too its really nice. Anyways Greg then asked me what i was doing after graduation. I started to tell him how i wanted to apply at google and other companies and he basically would only say things that had to do with me NOT getting a job there. "Dont get your hopes too high now" I probably heard him say that a million times. I had to stop that convo quick. Then i ask about his brother and i guess his brother is thinking about asking his ex out. Greg kept saying "i dont want them to go out because they have a bad relationship like we did" its sad because i still look back at our relationship and think of it as a good thing. no regrets....until i start hearing his regrets. Anyways, ggraduation is close. Im excited. can't wait. life is amazing. i am still the luckiest girl alive.


  1. Sorry for the way the words came out. I don't regret our relationship in the least. It wasn't a bad relationship. We just didn't want the same things. And you have all the potential in the world to work where ever you want. I had no place saying anything. I'm sorry for saying that. If anything I'm just jealous of how well you've changed your life and a little bitter probably. But I definitely wish you and chris the best and I'm glad you have exactly what you want. You deserve it.

  2. Thanks. That means a lot to me