Thursday, May 27, 2010

The usual life update

So a lot has been happening lately. I am now a college graduate. Totally insane and it feels like college went by so fast. the graduation was ok. I was really stressed the whole time because I woke up at 5am and was rushed to school to check in. Then the whole day was revolved around me and that just made me sick. I hate being the center of attention. Then later that night I went to Chris' house. He threw me a party and it was a a "dress like you did as a kid" party. It was really fun. he made me a cake and everything. then the next days we were suppose to leave for our road trip but my patagonia hiking shoes that chris got me hadnt arrived yet and I needed them so we waited a couple extra days which was perfect because it was raining in big sur those days anyways. Once the shoes finally arrived we left immediately on our trip. First stop was Big sur. We camped there for 2 nights. one of the days we went hiking at andrew malera state park and it was incredible. We had to cross some rivers to continue on the trail and that was really fun. We kept hiking for about 5 miles and found a huge beatiful beach which was pretty much deserted. it was so nice. we just took a nap for an hour on the beach alone. then we went back to our camp site and skipped rocks in the river. It was relaly nice just being with him completely alone. Thats always the best. The next day we were headed to monterey bay. on the way we stopped at a random lighthouse along the 1. it was so beautiful and turns out it was actually a hjostel which i thought was insane because it was nicer than most hotels I had seen. We continued on our way and got to monterey and went to the aquarium. we were there for a ocuple of hours then got lunch at a nice little restaurant which we got the whole back patio to ourselves. Then after that we headed to SF where we would be staying with his cousin in her apartment. well that was really awesome because ilove his cousin. we stayed in sf a few nights and then headed back home. we origiannly were going to go to yosemite and mammoth for a week but that got cancelled because of snow and icy roads :\ that wasnt going to ruin our time though. on our way home we decided to stop and visit our friends in San luis obispo. we stayed with nichole and her new husband ben. they have a cute little house and we had a lot of fun playing cranium with them. then we finished our trip with a stop in solvang and ate til we dropped. we are home now and i am still loving vacation. chris and i are trying to spend as much time together as we can because he leaves jun 14th until October. ugh. its going to be really hard but i know we can do it. i have no doubt about that. also he is going to fly me out a couple of times to visit him. So all in all, life is great. I am happy to be ggraduted and i am happy with where life is going. i am happy with who my real friends are and am somewhat sad for those who live life with fake relationships. I had a long talk with greg the other day and his idea on things are really sad but im pretty sure he is right about all of them. makes me sick, but people get what they deserve and life will work itself out in the long run.

**One thing I want to do before I die- Attend a huge sporting event ( mayyybe see the tour de france when chris races in it!)