Friday, June 18, 2010


So im sitting here at jury duty looking around at all the people who look miserable because they are here and I cant stop smiling. yea, it sucks to have to come here but i am still happy. happy for a new experience. happy to be alive. happy happy happy. The man next to me just bought me a coke. That also makes me happy. as i sit here blasting regina spektor into my ears. 10 days until italy. i talked to my cousin Angela who lives in Pisa and she said she was going to tak eus out to the city. i miss chris. i was watching the wedding episode of the office and i almost cried in the jury waiting room haha. I know its not time to get married and its not that we dont want to marry eachother its just there is no rush since we are happy and i dont think marriage will change a lot. but i was watching the episode and i love that they go off and get married on their own. just them two. i want that. i want it to be him and i. he is absolutely perfect. so happy loving life. :)

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