Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Been here for over a month now

I havent posted in a long time. I have been keeping a journal here so i feel too lazy to repeat everything. Italy is incredible. We have been to Via Reggio, Florence, Cinque Terre, and of course Lucca. We are leaving for Sicily on the 10th. We get back the 19th then Rainey leaves the 21st. I will be here until the 31st so I will visit my sister in Rome for a few days. I am too lazy to tell you all about the stories and adventures Ive gone on so i suppose if thats what you want to read youre out of luck. I dont think anyone reads this anyways. I still cant help but be annoyed with people from college. Is it so wrong that everytime i see new pictures from them on fb that I hope they are now fat? lol. which some are. I just get annoyed at how that all happened. Greg says he is my friend, yet has never asked me how my trip is or anything. He has a new gf now, Michelle, so Im sure he feels he isnt allowed to talk to me. She is cute. I heard she is crazy but Im sure thats just a rumor.. i hope. I am excited to get home. I think a 2 month long trip was a bit much. I miss mexican food and having a car and people bagging my groceries for me and people speaking english. lol. This is a cool trip though and i know ill look back and be happy i did it. I have a much greater appreciation for what Chris does now. From traveling so much to being away from home for so long. I guess he is use to it by now but that qwould be so hard. He got sick again. so he had to come back from tour of wallonie. he is better now and will continue to race in europe until mid october which is really good for him considering he missed so much racin gin the beginign of the season. It must be weird for him. His friends are starting to ask him for things like hook ups on to the team and stuff. he gets about 40 twitter followers each day. I dont get it. That is just weird. Well Im rambling. bye

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