Saturday, October 2, 2010

Good Morning!

Lets see. I still dont have a full time job but working at the rec technically as part time but working full time hours lol. Im having a lot of fun. yesterday chris and i went on a bike ride on the beach. we went thrift store shopping for our halloween costume which will be AWESOME. then we got burritos at taqueria. It was the best burrito ive ever had in my life. i seriously get so happy eating those haha. Chris tried the tacos instead of getting a burrito....big mistake. they were good but not enough food. After that we went to the mall to buy my hair straightener because mine broke in italy :\ then we went to baskin robins for dessert. When we got back we decided to post some of his unused cycling kits on ebay. So far people are checking them out like crazy. Its insane that people pay like $300 for a jersey. While we were doing that there was a lightning storm. So incredible to watch. Its way fun. we just sit on the back deck and get so excited when we see it strike lol. Then we make tomato soup with grilled cheese. YUM. Im happy that I have Chris. I love him. Shelley and I were talking and she was pretty much like dang this guy is so amazing you better marry him" lol. I hope to one day :) Well going on another bike ride today and going to the Chili festival. I am so excited. I definitely think Chris spoils me lol. We have so much fun together. I cant wait til we can afford to move out haha. I mean, we can afford it but we just love the fact that we are saving so much money living here. His parents arent bad at all. We are hoping in a couple years we can buy a house which would be nice. Seriously everyday i am so happy to not be in school anymore. I think if i would have known it was going to be this great i would have never gone at all haha. Not like I would have missed anything, just all the drama and fake people lol. literally all of them hate eachother now. i am happy to have real people in my life now and no shit talkers. life after college is still incredible. who told me to stay forever ? because they were wrong. Everyday is the best day of my life. breakfast time!

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