Sunday, October 3, 2010

people people people.

So stupid. Greg cut me off as his friend when I tried inviting him and his new gf to my bday party. So i agreed and I deleted his numbers and i deleted him off facebook too. I was really hurt and upset because I had been his friend for so long and i was there for him even when I started dating Chris and he always said shit like "oh we cant be friends because you have abf now" blah blah blah but i remained his friend. But the second he gets a gf hes like oh shit nvm, bye. and i was OK with that until just now. I decided to look at myspace just because I was bored and he commented on my myspace. Its frustrating because its like if you really wanted to cut me off then truely fuck off. you cant half ass a friendship. so if youre reading this, then seriously grow some balls and next time call me or dont do anythign at all. Im curious as to why it was on myspace. i never check myspace nor does anyone even use it anymore. Trying to hide something Mr. Hamilton? Dumbass.

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