Monday, October 18, 2010

So this is what it feels like when you're on top of the world.

Last week of work at the rec dept. I will miss it but I am so incredibly excited for everything that is coming up that I cant be sad. Chris and I are moving in to our brand new apartment on Saturday. I have been shopping for new stuff and ytesterday I got a lot of stuff at world market. I am so happy. It is so fun to be shopping for our new apartment and knowing I dont have to worry about money anymore. I feel so happy about everything and i am so thankful for everything that is happening for me right now. Right now Chris is in Switzerland for a team meeting but he comes back on tuesday. Hes getting a scooter too so we will have a scotter to drive all over the place instead of wasting gas money on a huge car. We move in saturday and I believe corey an chance are gonna help us which will be fun. I am excited for my new job too. I dont know if i even talked abouthtat yet. Its a job in Simi valley at a cnc machining place. They make parts for planes and missles and things liek that. Im basically just an office worker which is my area of expertise. I make pretty decent money too. I am reallllly happy right now. I seriously just think about how happy I am with the decisions I have made in the past. The people I have decided to stay friends with and thigns like that. I went to kim and johns house warming party the other day and it was so fun. We just have such great friend. nichole, kim and I were talking in kims room about how far we have come and stuff since high school. we are all moving into our own places, nichole is married, kim and i have real jobs and are moving in with our boyfriends. I think its cool to know that me kim julie and nichole have grown up so much together and how similar we are but all different too. We have so much fun together. Oh and nichole got me a record player for my new apartment/birthday gift. I am so stoked to put that in my new living room. I cant wait for our house warming paryt. Im thinking about doing a separate party, one for parents and one for friends. i have been talking to stephanie judy and dia and steph about the place and i hope they can all come to the party. I love seeing them because they are really the only good thing that came out of my college experience haha. So let me tell you a little bit about our new apartment. Its one bedroom one bathroom in camarillo. we are on the 3rd floor and have a balcony. the whole place is brand new. theres a huge pool and spa and bbq area and its all sooo pretty. there is also a brand new gym that is open 24hr a day which is awesome AND i most likely will never go in there hahah. our apartment is pretty big. My closet is HUGE! i love it. ahh I cant wait. I wish chris was here with me right now so we can be excited about it together. tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow! so happy. dang, my blogs all sound the same. who reads this shit. i feel like no one does which makes me feel so comfortable to right private stuff but then once one of my co workers made a joke about reading my blog but i think he was being sarcastic and iw asnt sure if he really does read it. It would be so awkward if he did. well I am on top of the world. The view from up here, is INCREDIBLE.

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