Sunday, October 9, 2011

So lots has happened in that month of September. It all started when I got laid off from my lame job at VBI. The company was going downhill for quite some time so it was no surprise to me. It was sad leaving all the machinist there because they had become such good friends of mine but i really hated the administrative people there.anyways chris and i were at breakfast the day after i got laid off and we decided in that moment to take an epic road trip. and EPIC it was. we went to OR to visit his cousin and on the way there we stayed with my cousin maria at chico state. after oregon we went to mammoth and stayed at the family's cabin. So i was bummed cause i didnt think we'd be able to do a trip with my lack of funding lol but chris assured me the trip would be AN ALL INCLUSIVE BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA! lol He literally didnt let me pay for one thing. It was like a culinary journey lol. we had EVERYTHING we had burgers and thai food and sushi and surf and turn and philly cheesesteaks. yum! ok so 9 days later reality hit and i had to go job hunting. i really wasnt worried until i heard average unemployment lasts 3-10 months lol and i have a wedding to pay for . but then i interviewed at GSMS and got the job! My first week was last week and it was INCREDIBLE. everyone is so nice and my favorite part is that it is only 5 minutes from our house!!! no freeway time at all! YES! the office is so beautiful too! i get paid A LOT with GREAT benefits! I am really excited to learn more there and make new friends.

Now for the good stuff!
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We have decided to get married in his parents backyard which is BEAUTIFUL! We set the date to November 3rd 2012. It is SO far away but thats only because we really dont want to leave anyone out because of budget so we are gonna save a little more so we can invite everyone and their mother (literally) lol. let me know what you think of my wedding plans! I dont know if anyone reads this but its fun to write about anyways. Its actually fun to go back and read my past posts. I was reading all the way back to when Chris and I started dating. He is so perfect! Oh also, Im writing this because he isnt here right now, otherwise i probably wouldnt waste my time on the computer! ok! Im gonna go watch some Parks and Recreation and go to sleep!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Wow my last post had such a big announcement and I didnt even write tht much about it! Anyways, Chris proposed to me. It was while we were camping out on anacapa island. we had the whole island to ourselves and it was the most beautiful place to propose. he set up the camera too so it was filming while he asked me. Our wedding will be november 2012. we want to do it earlier but we dont have enough money to have as big of a wedding as we'd like. we are thinking of doing a backyard wedding at his parents house but we want to invite a lot of people. we are gonna start planning this november and i am beyond excited. chris right now is at tour of colorado. he just finished tour of utah. I have been feeling pretty sick lately but getting better and i know he will make me feel loads better when he is here. I am so in love with him. I never thought I could possibly love someone so much but i do. I am also really happy that both of our families are extremely supportive and happy for us. I already feel like i am part of his family and he feels part of mine. Life definitely has its bumps and turns but when things are good you have to take them in and appreciate every single second. I definitely appreciate all of the incredible things i have in my life. I am so excited! yAY being married!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I am engaged and so fucking happy!

Chris got my name tattooed on his arm :)

I am so in love with him!
Cant wait til our wedding!

Monday, April 11, 2011


So after talking with Chris the other day I kind of squeezed some info out lol....he is going to propose to me sometime this year. I don't know when but it is happening this year! I cant wait! I am so excited. I love him so much and life really gets better everyday with him. I am so lucky. Work is also gettting better. i am making a lot of friends and am starting to have fun at work. ill keep you updated (whoever you are) as to when Im engaged which probably wont be for awhile! haha but I am still very very very happy. so in love :))

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I am so in love I cant even explain.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chris left yesterday morning. Its really hard not being with him while Im here, but he is only gone until monday monring. he went to sardegna to race in his first race of the season. i am so excited to watch it live. i hope he does great! today krysta and i are going to Livorno, Italy. we are leaving in about half an hour and i figured id blog a little before i went. we had dinner a couple of nights ago with chad krysta me chris taylor phinney and his gf and andrew tilenski ( i have no clue how to spell his last name) its weird to be having dinner with world champion cyclist. i think if i were a fan of the sport because Chris then It might be a bigger deal to me. Taylors gf is really nice too. I hope she hangs out with us more. I really want to get to know as many of the "girlfriends" as possible lol. I come home on the 10th i think but really late at night. i am not looking forward to starting work again but i am really excited to see my friends and family. i miss burritos a lot too. mainly establos lol which i never fail to mention everyday lol. well Im gonna go buy some candy at the stand down the steet. life here is amazing. life is amazing. i wish everyone could experience this.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wow, time flies

Seriously, ive been here for over 2 weeks. I never want to leave Chris. I still have over 2 weeks though so thats good. I miss home a bit though. I missed out on Stephs party which makes me sad. her and chance seem to be really hitting it off which i am keeping my fingers crossed lol. i think they would be perfect for eachother! chance was a bit bummed because he thinks she will never come around. i told him about how i didnt want to go out with greg at first then eventually i asked him out....i told him to disregard how the relationship ended up ahah. i really want to see the world. like everything. i decided and i dont know if this will work but I will ask you a question.
so if youre reading this then:

if you could go anywhere in the world, where woudl you go and why? maybe youll open my eyes to a new place i want to go.

if i could go anywhere I think Id go to spain. I think there is so much culture there and im sure the food would be amazing too. that is just ONE place id love to go. its hard to choose!
so tell me what you think!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Italy Here I Come!

So I have not decided to move to Italy, yet. I am leaving tonight to go see Chris for about a month and a half. I am beyond excited and it will give me time to think about whether i wanna be there permanently or not. I am also really excited because I get to meet Chris' teammate Chad's girlfriend. It will be nice to know another girlfriend of a cyclist. maybe I can see how she deals with the distance and what her thoughts are on the future. anyways I leave at 9pm from LAX. I just wish I could be there. like teleport or something haha. anyways, Im gonna go get some tacos with Chance in a little. he is driving me to the airport. Next time I blog, I will be in Italy!


Sunday, January 23, 2011


So, My job is okay, but I really feellike this is not the right time for me to being sitting behind a desk at such a young age. This is the time of my life where I do not have to worry about anything. Nothing tying me down. Chris wants me to move to Italy. He would support me fully, of course Id still get a little job but probably something Id enjoy more like work at a bakery or something fun and cute. I think next year when he leaves again I will be leaving with him. Of course I will miss my friends and family here but that just gives them an excuse to visit me! I told Chris I will not move to europe until we are engaged. I feel like its a big decision and a big change so I would need to know we are stuck together (even though I know we will be together forever now and all :))
It would be awesome because all of his teammates girlfriends and wives would be living there too so it would be like a small community of us, which woud be nice. I think the only thing stopping me from leaving now is that fact tht we just got our apartment. I love our apartment. oh and the fact that Im in Stephanies wedding lol. Cant leave her hanging.

Currently I am very happy. Probably the happiest Ive ever been. I have an incredible boyfriend who means the world to me, I have great friends, I live like 2 minutes away from establos which is the best mexican food ever, and i have satchmo (our kitty cat).

Last night, Chris' mom invited me over to their house to have a party for Bjorn. Bjorn has been staying with them while hes training in california. He is on Team Radioshack and will be leaving on tuesday so it was birthday/ going away party. We had dinner and played catch phrase and then skyped Chris lol. It was really fun. Im glad they invited me. I really love that family and I cant wait to someday be apart of it. I feel so so incredibly lucky. and I count my blessings every day. Life just gets better and better...that psychic did not lie :)

p.s.-Love you Chris :* always and forever