Sunday, January 23, 2011


So, My job is okay, but I really feellike this is not the right time for me to being sitting behind a desk at such a young age. This is the time of my life where I do not have to worry about anything. Nothing tying me down. Chris wants me to move to Italy. He would support me fully, of course Id still get a little job but probably something Id enjoy more like work at a bakery or something fun and cute. I think next year when he leaves again I will be leaving with him. Of course I will miss my friends and family here but that just gives them an excuse to visit me! I told Chris I will not move to europe until we are engaged. I feel like its a big decision and a big change so I would need to know we are stuck together (even though I know we will be together forever now and all :))
It would be awesome because all of his teammates girlfriends and wives would be living there too so it would be like a small community of us, which woud be nice. I think the only thing stopping me from leaving now is that fact tht we just got our apartment. I love our apartment. oh and the fact that Im in Stephanies wedding lol. Cant leave her hanging.

Currently I am very happy. Probably the happiest Ive ever been. I have an incredible boyfriend who means the world to me, I have great friends, I live like 2 minutes away from establos which is the best mexican food ever, and i have satchmo (our kitty cat).

Last night, Chris' mom invited me over to their house to have a party for Bjorn. Bjorn has been staying with them while hes training in california. He is on Team Radioshack and will be leaving on tuesday so it was birthday/ going away party. We had dinner and played catch phrase and then skyped Chris lol. It was really fun. Im glad they invited me. I really love that family and I cant wait to someday be apart of it. I feel so so incredibly lucky. and I count my blessings every day. Life just gets better and better...that psychic did not lie :)

p.s.-Love you Chris :* always and forever


  1. Move. Sounds like an adventure.
    Besides, regret sucks, I know.

  2. Its definitely an option :))
    I would hate to pass an opportunity like this by. Thanks for the Comment!