Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chris left yesterday morning. Its really hard not being with him while Im here, but he is only gone until monday monring. he went to sardegna to race in his first race of the season. i am so excited to watch it live. i hope he does great! today krysta and i are going to Livorno, Italy. we are leaving in about half an hour and i figured id blog a little before i went. we had dinner a couple of nights ago with chad krysta me chris taylor phinney and his gf and andrew tilenski ( i have no clue how to spell his last name) its weird to be having dinner with world champion cyclist. i think if i were a fan of the sport because Chris then It might be a bigger deal to me. Taylors gf is really nice too. I hope she hangs out with us more. I really want to get to know as many of the "girlfriends" as possible lol. I come home on the 10th i think but really late at night. i am not looking forward to starting work again but i am really excited to see my friends and family. i miss burritos a lot too. mainly establos lol which i never fail to mention everyday lol. well Im gonna go buy some candy at the stand down the steet. life here is amazing. life is amazing. i wish everyone could experience this.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wow, time flies

Seriously, ive been here for over 2 weeks. I never want to leave Chris. I still have over 2 weeks though so thats good. I miss home a bit though. I missed out on Stephs party which makes me sad. her and chance seem to be really hitting it off which i am keeping my fingers crossed lol. i think they would be perfect for eachother! chance was a bit bummed because he thinks she will never come around. i told him about how i didnt want to go out with greg at first then eventually i asked him out....i told him to disregard how the relationship ended up ahah. i really want to see the world. like everything. i decided and i dont know if this will work but I will ask you a question.
so if youre reading this then:

if you could go anywhere in the world, where woudl you go and why? maybe youll open my eyes to a new place i want to go.

if i could go anywhere I think Id go to spain. I think there is so much culture there and im sure the food would be amazing too. that is just ONE place id love to go. its hard to choose!
so tell me what you think!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Italy Here I Come!

So I have not decided to move to Italy, yet. I am leaving tonight to go see Chris for about a month and a half. I am beyond excited and it will give me time to think about whether i wanna be there permanently or not. I am also really excited because I get to meet Chris' teammate Chad's girlfriend. It will be nice to know another girlfriend of a cyclist. maybe I can see how she deals with the distance and what her thoughts are on the future. anyways I leave at 9pm from LAX. I just wish I could be there. like teleport or something haha. anyways, Im gonna go get some tacos with Chance in a little. he is driving me to the airport. Next time I blog, I will be in Italy!