Friday, August 19, 2011

Wow my last post had such a big announcement and I didnt even write tht much about it! Anyways, Chris proposed to me. It was while we were camping out on anacapa island. we had the whole island to ourselves and it was the most beautiful place to propose. he set up the camera too so it was filming while he asked me. Our wedding will be november 2012. we want to do it earlier but we dont have enough money to have as big of a wedding as we'd like. we are thinking of doing a backyard wedding at his parents house but we want to invite a lot of people. we are gonna start planning this november and i am beyond excited. chris right now is at tour of colorado. he just finished tour of utah. I have been feeling pretty sick lately but getting better and i know he will make me feel loads better when he is here. I am so in love with him. I never thought I could possibly love someone so much but i do. I am also really happy that both of our families are extremely supportive and happy for us. I already feel like i am part of his family and he feels part of mine. Life definitely has its bumps and turns but when things are good you have to take them in and appreciate every single second. I definitely appreciate all of the incredible things i have in my life. I am so excited! yAY being married!